This drawing is a view of Paris, France in the 1930s. Classic cars, a delivery truck for the De Dion Bouton company, a manufacturer of automobiles. It's a lightly overcast day, with soft shadows and a mysterious rendez-vous taking place under the lamp post visible through the arch.

This pencil drawing was commissioned by Ryan O'Rourke, the owner of Ironclad Coffee Roasters in Richmond, Virginia. Ryan wanted a label for the launch of his new Mariners Blend coffee, which would be a nod to the heritage of the port of Grimbsy, England. I based the drawing on several old photographs of the port and as a special request, Ryan asked me to include his grandmother, who was a native of Grimsby, in the drawing. In my industry-related illustrations, I am increasingly focusing on the people who work in these industries, as in the drawing below.

This drawing is based on a 1950s photograph of a railroad worker washing out the ash pan of a Pennsylvania Railroad steam locomotive. Sometimes, when I see photographs, I just know I have to draw them. Aside from the pipes, the wheels and the fabric of the man's clothes, the greatest challenge was drawing a detailed foreground. In the past, after completing the main subject of a drawing, I often hastily drew in a background, not realizing how important the background can frame the subject. I think the gravel, mud and water, though not the main subject, are some of the most important elements in this drawing.

Not long after I made this website, the owner of a coffee company in Richmond, Virginia was searching for a classic image of a steam locomotive for the company's flagship blend of coffee, Steam Engine Blend. When he saw this drawing, he contacted me and told me this was exactly what he had been looking for. 

Here are the two labels I've done for Ironclad Coffee Makers.

A ballpoint pen drawing, based on a photograph from an old issue of Life magazine, showing an WW2 airplane repair crew at work.

I did this drawing for my uncle's 90th birthday card. He's a World War II veteran who fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

This is one of several drawings I did when making a portfolio to apply for an illustrator job at an advertising agency. I drew various commercial and advertising subjects like cars and food products. 

This is another ballpoint pen drawing, this time in the art noir style. The purpose of art noir is to create a mood. This would be more suitable for a book illustration.

This is a ball point pen drawing. The picture is now framed and hanging on the wall at my father-in-law's house. He's a World War II and history fan and he was happy to receive this as a birthday gift.

The best part of this drawing is the wet roadway.  I did this by making bold strokes with the side of a 2B pencil.

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